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Graphic showing Paul Edge DJing on the sets of various CSI programs
"You don't get to the top by following the pack. You do it by breaking away and blazing your own trail.
Paul Edge has definitely carved his own path" - Artist Direct

“Paul Edge played arguably the best set in the 12 year history of the respected Halifax electronic scene" - Tony Hage, Massive, CA

"Paul Edge made jaws drop during his debut performance at Buzz [December 2001]. His techno electro-fusion sound was still largely unknown, and pushing labels like Gigolo to an uneducated U.S. crowd was indeed groundbreaking, but that is what makes Paul Edge such a good DJ. From being one of the first DJs to play Trance in Canada in 1995, to introducing tech house to a packed Twilo crowd, Paul Edge consistently treads where others fear to go. Perhaps his lack of worldwide ‘fame’ stems from the fact that once other DJs catch on, he`s already moved on." - Simon Pattee, Sirius XM, Sleaze, DC

"UK Techno Legend Paul Edge" - Trackitdown.net

Paul Edge Bio

Founder, owner and resident DJ of world famous UK techno night The Outer Limits.
Cameod on CSI -Las Vegas 2008 & 2012: Original Music Featured in Both shows.
Total Viewership for both CSI Cameos -(US)  37,000,000, Worldwide 95,000,000.
You Tube Channel Views in excess of 75,000. 
Record Sales over 200,000 units as Twister and Paul Edge.
Live in Phoenix Volume 2 - Over 6,000,000 Downloads.
We Will Not Be Silenced - Viral Series of videos with over 20,000,000 views.
US Tours - 1997, 1998, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004. Headlined throughout Europe.
Between 2009 and 2012 has recorded over 11 hours of original music.
Supported by many of the worlds leading techno djs.
Remixes include: Stone Temple Pilots, Metallica & The Doors.
Soundcloud - Approaching 7000 followers, top track exceeds 11,000 plays.
Live Mix Broadcast on Dave Clarke`s White Noise.
Performs exclusively his own music.

23 - Paul Edge

Paul Edge filming for CSI Season 13 - Episode 03.

Its A British Thing - Paul Edge Live

The Word - Paul Edge

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